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Transfer Diary - Municipality of Burgas

During the second TNM in Mataro, Spain (May 2019), the representative from the Burgas Municipality was introduced with the good practices from the competition preparation in Piraeus. During the meeting were discussed and received practical advises on how to adapt the Good Practice in Burgas to make it feasible for our local context and entrepreneurial spirit.

During the Tri-lateral meeting, involving Piraeus, Mataro and Burgas, was looking at the subject of „Identifying and developing good quality mentors and business advisors”. Expressing our concerns of identifying good quality mentors, reasoning from the fact that Burgas has to identify them too early in terms of public procurement rules, we received practical and actual advises on how to deal with the issue.

Another very helpful experience was the exploration of the Techno campus in Mataro. We learned very practical advises that could be implemented in Burgas Municipality during the incubation period and adapted to the enterpreneurial eco system in Burgas.


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