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The BlueGrowth Digital Innovation Hubs' point of view

BluAct is an Urbact funded network of seven cities across Europe looking at stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in blue economy. As a ULG member I have attended several meetings regarding BluAct, where the successful elements of BlueGrowth Initiative, as well as possible room for improvement, were thoroughly discussed. Each member gets the chance to express its opinion and fruitful and lively dialogues take place. Another interesting finding is the composition of the ULG meeting which truly follows the quadruple helix model with members from Government, Academia, Civil Society and the Industry providing targeted insights from their own, unique, point of view resulting in truly interesting meetings. As a technical advisor in the BlueGrowth Digital Innovation Hub (BG-DIH), I believe that the need for digitalization and its impact in the blue economy sector is crucial and this is something that was well discussed during the meetings along with interesting data about the current situation in our country.

Andreas Kantaros

technical advisor in the BlueGrowth Digital Innovation Hub (BG-DIH)


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