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TNM BluAct Ostend 17th-19th September 2019

TNM are a great insight to the progress made by all partners and contribute positively to the cooperation and better level of understanding between partner’s representatives. In many cases they are also the beginning of long-term friendly relations and cooperation. The meeting in Ostend contributed to all.

It was very interesting to hear the progress made so far by each city with regards to transferring the good practice. Though the practice and the means are the same, there was a unique way in each city is implementing the practice. As a Piraeus ULG member, I felt that Piraeus participating in a transfer network as LP was well worthwhile.

Workshops organized by the LE offered inspiration and allowed for interaction and involvement by all participants.

Sara’s sharing experience from attending the Salerno added real value and offered food for thought for the discussions held later on during the trilateral meeting.

The real highlight was Oscar’s presentation that used terminology of the project to connect it with his experience while offering volunteer work in India.

The “staged” workshop organized by the Project Manager, Alexandra, showed in a very vibrant way the role of each player in the Blue Growth competition (for both parts: the applicants as well as the jury), the significance of the counseling process to the quality of pitching as well as the importance of the association of the role to the personality of each contestant/applicant team member to the final outcome.

BluArt in Ostend

LIFE is the dreams we make…. LIFE is the actions we take…. Art is a powerful form of action


26th September 2019


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