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See(a) Flander - Matosinhos Transfer Diary

Matosinhos Transfer Diary - TNM in Ostend - 17th-19th September 2019

We went there not knowing what to expect. We came back with several learnings made.

Ostend is great, let us put that out straight away! The calm, cleanliness and warmth of the city made up for the lack of people in the streets after 7PM 😊 Oh and how can we now live without those mussels?...


And Ostend “was” great. Was great because we (José and I), as first participants in a TNM, became aware of the great Bluact projects that our city partners are doing and, specially, we met some truly amazing people!

The workshops that were made in the two and a half days of the meeting were great tools that we can now use in the next steps of our own project. Besides the workshops, been able to see the strengths but also some (minimal) weaknesses of our partners projects will help us, we hope, to improve our own project.

All the inputs that the LE Jim, PE Marcelline and PM Alexandra (and all the others in the meeting), gave us are valuable pieces that we must now use as we try to overcome the natural hurdles that always appear in these kind of “new adventures”.

We hope to see you all in the beginning of the year here in Matosinhos!



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