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Transfer Story - Municipality of Galaţi

During the kick-off meeting held in Piraeus, Greece, the representatives of the Municipality of Galati were able to clarify issues regarding the BluAct Good Practice, details regarding the Transfer Plan and received actual to-the-point advice on how to engage big businesses (during the bi-lateral meeting with the LP, LE and previous competitors/winners and ULG members of the LP), how to adapt the Good Practice in Galati to make it feasible for our local context and entrepreneurial spirit.

Key ideas and words to be rememberd after these intense brainstorming and knowledge exchange sessions for the Municipality of Galati team:

· Find the local pipeline (keeping in mind the apparent lack of entrepreneurship in the city)

· Find realistic targets and always adapt to teh local situation

· Elaborate a good presentation and a plan for implementation to present to potential investors in order to gain their trust and show initiative

· Use the pyramid of values to engage big businesses and other ULG members

· Formulate the competition prize as attractive as possible: a pool of mentors and coaches will encourage and support the seed idea of the „pioneers” until it is incubated and concluded into a business plan

· Start, even if you start small (the community will appreciate doing something more than planning)

· Under-promise and over-deliver

During the meeting, the representatives of the Municipalitz of Galati also made valuable contacts, such as Mr. George Efstratiadis, Chief Executive officer wthin IDATOR S.A. - a company that deals with water and wastewater pumping needs; former competitors and winners of previous Blue Growth competitions organized by Piraeus Municipality, representatives of the Greek Universities that attended the meeting.

Also, during the meeting, the team managed to adapt the name of the stakeholders interested in the BGI in Piraeus - Marinescape - to the context of Galati and brand it as Danubescape.


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