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Transfer Diary / Municipality of Salerno

The key learning points of the TNM held in Matarò, Spain, in May 2019, have been: how to realize a successful start-up competition and how to help the winners to create a sustainable enterprise. These topics have also been dealt with in relation to the Matarò „Tecnocampus” experience.

All cities included in the network, could see directly how an incubation hub works and how Matarò has organized its successful competition for many years.

The main barrier to the transfer process for the other cities is the lack of experience in this kind of competition or the unsuccessful experiences they may have had.

It’s possible to overcome this barrier by starting with a more simple competition format and by increasing and improving it year by year.

The suggestion I can give to the other European cities from this experience is: being in contact with cities that have already made successful experiences is important to become more confident in our potential and to find the courage to start implementing innovative solutions for our own city.

So we can try to find our personal model to adapt and to realize the good practice in our own different and unique city!!

So, let’s work!!

Sara Petrone, Salerno BluAct team


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