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This is a technical device that is going to compete with the existing propulsion propulsion of all vessels. The above technical device comprises a spiral propeller which rotates in a cylinder so that during its rotation there is an inlet and outlet of the sea and the pressure difference (supply) forces the floating ship to move forward or backward depending on the rotation. (right or left) of the engine differential. The above technical device is applied in this phase by a small horsepower of an outboard engine after first removing its propeller and then adjusting the technical device to the position of the pre-existing propeller so that we can see in practice the result of the movement.

# 2



Organizing for the first time a series of applied animation workshops for children, young people, the disabled, the elderly and other social groups with thematic reference to urban landmarks of the largest port in the Mediterranean. The project is the fruit of the long-term collaboration of the Master of Digital Culture of the University of Piraeus with the Animasyros International Animation Festival.

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UDYSSEA (U Define Your Sea, Sailing & Environmental Action). UDYSSEA is an innovative project, which adds value to the experience of sailing and maritime tourism, as it provides ready-made solutions for sailing excursions, but also offers the opportunity for personalized sailing routes that combine elements from the local natural, cultural and human environment. In short: What if you could create your own sailing adventure and choose the destinations and activities you prefer? Through an IT platform you can create a combined, tailor-made sailing trip! You choose the boat, the destinations to travel and the multiple activities to do!

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CSeatNav New EYE BLUE pericles transpare

Mixed / Augmented Reality Navigation

CSeaNav New Navigation Reality IKE:
• Utilizes revolutionary mixed and augmented reality technologies.
• Completely integrates the environment and navigation data (ENC, route, NMEA, etc.), regardless of the variety of navigation systems or the size of the vessel.
• Creates an innovative 3D dynamic navigation display, and presents it to the navigator, in complete identification with the real world.
The system:
• Provides invaluable spatial presentation of the world around you regardless of visibility constraints.
• Represents the seabed in three dimensions and depths hundreds of meters away.
• Constantly monitors, visualizes and warns in time for distances from any target / potential obstacle (coastline, seabed, traffic light, floating ships, etc.).

# 5



We want to create a platform-application to which tourists can refer so that they can book an excursion with a local fisherman who will teach them to fish while at the same time they will be told some historical facts of the area e.g. naval battle of Salamis, to offer them some local food and will make them a tour in the area in general. The action can be advertised in the local media of Piraeus, in the port and in the local hotels. Fishermen will have to follow safety rules and will be able to register on the platform to do the activity as something extra from their income. Finally, if the conditions allow, actions can be taken with schools.

# 6


smart detector
face mask

In view of the prevailing situation, which is making the planet difficult, it is considered vital to develop a sense of individual responsibility and responsibility of citizens. The above in combination with the upcoming environments of smart cities and advanced digital technologies will contribute to the implementation of integrated prevention and awareness systems. In particular, the Directions team  Smart Cities and Internet of Things of the MSc "Digital Culture, Smart Cities, IoT and Advanced Digital Technologies", utilizing computational vision and machine learning mechanisms, will design the mask usage detection service. This service will take advantage of CCTV cameras for real-time operation and will find application in the port of Piraeus and the surrounding areas.

# 7



It is well known that the port of Elefsina holds a remarkable strategic position, which in combination with its undeniable economic and historical value, makes it a reference point in the field of blue economy, despite its partial decommissioning in recent years. As one of the oldest in Europe, just 14 kilometers away from the cornerstone of Greek shipping, the port of Piraeus, presents interesting prospects that if nothing else can not go unnoticed. Amid the dangerous shipwrecks, decommissioned ships and underemployed shipyards, the vision of the blue economy raises hopes for the clean-up of the area, which will give a huge boost to the ecosystem of the marine (and not only) environment and, in time, combined with the appropriate Corrective actions will mark the emergence of Elefsina in a state-of-the-art, commercial, European port with multiple ecological, and then economic benefits for our country and the shipping sector.

cure the planet-1.jpg

# 8



The innovation concerns household and municipal bins, which will train users to separate their waste. Each user will have a double household bin, one for recyclables with blue bags and one with green ones for non-recyclables. The bags will be automatically replaced in the bin after each bag is removed. Each user's bags will carry a personalized number. Municipal bins will be of two types respectively and will be unlocked with the personalized number of the user. Thus, proper and incorrect waste management will be recorded and users will receive bonuses or charges through PPC.

# 9



Our goal was to develop an air purification mechanism using UV light C. In this spectrum of light it is scientifically proven that disinfection is achieved. Therefore, the integrated system we have created offers efficient and economical disinfection and at the same time sterilization of the air. The device has a small size so it is possible to place many in one space and due to the design we have done we can configure it according to the needs of each space of the ship.

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